Friday, June 11, 2010

New blog, and revised wordpress plugins post!

I setup a brand new blog that I'm hosting via dreamhost at my own domain. If you enjoyed my wordpress plugins post on here, please make sure to check at my latest post on the best wordpress plugins, and make sure to subscribe at my new blog! It'll be updated far more frequently than this one and already has some great content on it (If I do say so myself).

Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Highly Recommended Wordpress Plugins

Not without a certain sense of irony, I've decided to post a list of my favorite wordpress plugins here on Blogger. Having toyed with wordpress plenty, I've never actually made thorough use of Blogger. I hope no one minds.

So, without further adieu, a list of my favorites -- not without a fair description of what-they-dos:

WP Greet Box - This plugin is excellent! Basically, how it works is you install it and it starts throwing to the top of the post a handsome little box addressing people by the network they came from if it matches a certain referrer ID, and specifically requests that they vote or share your post. The cool thing is, while it comes with a default list of networks to greet (facebook, digg, reddit, stumbleupon, and a ton more) it also allows you to edit the message, or add your own custom messages for specific http referrers. If it detects that it's a users first visit, and they don't have an identified referrer it simply requests they subscribe to the RSS feed.

With the beautiful icons this plugin has, it deserves an action shot:

WP To Twitter - This plugin is very effective, and very simple. It posts your blog posts to twitter. It will add a form to your compose page, allowing you to either automatically send a default message or customize the tweet at the time of launch. One of the cool aspects of this one is it allows for the use of google analytics, and automatic URL shortening via Personally, I don't touch the analytics aspect because it ends up causing the URL for my tweetmeme button to be different than the initial tweet sent out by WP To Twitter. This can mess with your tweet count. Not cool.

WP Super Cache - This one might as well have been called super cash, because, baby, it's money. Basically it keeps your blog from crashing from excessive database calls during periods of high-traffic (the "digg effect"). This one has a few different features that I won't get into, but one of the most important ones I really  like is that it will turn OFF caching for users who are logged in. Nice.

Thesis Openhook - If you use the extremely popular SEO theme "Thesis" this plugin is a must-have. It adds some nifty functionality that allows you to add html or even executable PHP to "hooks" from within wordpress. Meaning you don't have to edit any files. Even if you're not that kind of person that's not afraid of getting involved with a little commandline hack-and-slash, this plugin just saves time. It also gives you a short description of just where the hook will plug your the code you feed it.

TDO Miniforms - An amigo and fellow wordpress junkie, Reuben Rock, turned me on to this one. Basically, it allows you to place custom forms on your website that, when filled out, plugs the information either directly into a new post and publishes it, or a draft for you to tinker with before publishing. Crowdsourcing for the win, baby.

Follow Me - This plugin floats a few beautiful links to your various social media presences (twitter, facebook, whatever) on the screen. They're small enough to not be too disruptive, but prominent enough to get noticed, when collapsed, but when expanded large enough to cover just about everything.


Akismet - Ever gotten comment spam? It sucks, right? Akismet cuts it out. As simple as that. Nothing works like akismet, so give it a shot.

Contextual Related Posts - This plugin adds a bulleted list of posts you've already written to the bottom of each of your articles. Basically, it's useful because it builds a nifty SEO link web within your blog, and even on your RSS feed.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Google Buzzz

I just wanted to start out with a bang. I'm being sucked into some kind of vortex of social medianess just for the sake of social media. All joking aside, I'm excited about the new "Google Buzz" feature. I think it's going to blow a lot of other similar services out of the water, just because of the fact that google is so good at keeping the spam out, and networking services together.

Ohhh don't think I didn't notice I was already following everyone on buzz I'd ever gmailed before I even tried to add them. Sneaky, sneaky Google. Way to launch a service with a bang.

In any event, this is my personal blog. Not niche. That means I feel free to endulge in a little topical ADHD. I'll talk about marketing stuff, I'll talk about SEO, whatever I want. I hate feeling constrained to a niche.

Oh, and by the way! Connect up with me on Google Buzz and all those other social media trinkets!